The no.1 herb cooker
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Ideal for decarboxylation, infusion & extraction

Cooking your herbs in a controlled and responsible fashion.. in your own kitchen.

There are many ways to harness the healing power of herbs and a lot of ways to make infused oil and edibles at home. Very empowering if you know how to do this, but quite overwhelming if you don’t.

Making a herbal preparation at home is challenging: lacking control over the temperature and timing can cause damage to the bio-active compounds.

Inconsistent results make it difficult to calculate dosage and not everybody knows about proper cannab-s decarboxylation, cannab-s extraction, alcohol extraction and ethanol extraction, just to name a few possible roadblocks for the novice DIYer.


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What people say about us

Credit where credit is due. Great product and customer service that is absolutely top drawer. Friendly and helpful. Would 100% recommend

What people say about us

Great customer service, always willing to help. Fast and smooth delivery. I received my POT recently and made first butter test run with high satisfaction. Definitely recommend.

What people say about us

Excellent product and service. The noids is extremely easy to use, and practically mess free. If you are into edibles then this machine is a must have! I highly recommend this product 👍

Why you should use POT

Our POT by NOIDS Herb Cooker is here to bring you these benefits:

No burn

The Smart Heating Algorithm minimizes the heat fluctuation to within 1°C (no oven can do this). So the bio-active compounds in your herb will be fully activated without any burn.

No hassle

There are CBDee and THCee settings for cannabis decarboxylation and infusion. The cooking time and cooking temperature are both adjusted automatically for each batch by calculating weight, moisture level and volume, based on the feedback from the sensors.

No mess

The PBN filter system has 2 layers of fine meshes made of medical-grade stainless steel. Finally, you can filter oil directly into a small bottle with clean fingers. After cooking, you can simply wash the removable beaker and the filter system in your dishwasher.

No waste

POT by NOIDS comes with a pipet that can recover every last drop of your good oil from the cooked herbs. Every drop matters.

No loss

With the new condenser add-on you can now collect up to 95% of your ethanol vapor that would otherwise go to waste during the extraction process.

Sustainable design

POT by NOIDS is made of metal, high thermal shock resistance glass, food-grade silicone, and medical-grade stainless steel. The original packaging is made of moisture-proof recycled paper, also plastic-free!

Want to know more?

Ask Thomas! He knows everything there is to know about POT and its features and he can explain,
in perfect detail, how to use it to get the results you want.


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