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If the CeeBD / TeeHC ratio is about 1:1, use the setting for what you care about most.

If your strain is CeeBD dominant (≥10% CeeBD), use the CeeBD settings: CeeBD Decarb and CeeBD Oil.

If your strain is not CeeBD dominant, use the general settings: Decarb and Oil.


CeeBD settings (CeeBD Decarb and CeeBD Oil) guarantee full activation and full infusion of CeeBD . However, there is a chance that a tiny percentage of TeeHC will be oxidized into CeeBN.


The general settings (Decarb and Oil) guarantee full activation and infusion of TeeHC and avoid oxidizing TeeHC into CeeBN. However, reduced cooking time might lead to a tiny percentage of CeeBD-a remaining in your final product.

No. Decarboxylate only once.

We recommend:

Use CeeBD Decarb and CeeBD Oil functions, if you strain contains more CeeBD than TeeHC.

Other wise, use the general functions: Decarb and Oil.

When you use the CeeBD settings for your herb:

>> You get all the CeeBD and TeeHC activated and infused, maybe also a bit CeeBN is your strains contains high TeeHC.

When you use the General settings for your buds:

>> You get all TeeHC with no CeeBN, but a bit of CeeBD-a remains, if your strains contains high CeeBD.



1. Put your extract in a mini silicon container,

2. Cover the container with tinfoil,

3. Put the container directly in the Glass for decarboxylation.


You cannot separate CeeBD and TeeHC with POT by NOIDS.

CeeBD and TeeHC decarboxylate and infuse the same time, but the chemical reactions for CeeBD and TeeHC decarboxylation has different rate constants. TeeHC decarbs about twice faster than CeeBD.

POT by NOIDS is unique with its dynamic heating algorithm.

The thermal detector monitors and adjusts the temperature and cooking time in real-time. The temperature fluctuation is tightly controlled to ± 1 °C (1.8 °F).

As a result, the total cooking time varies according to the room temperature, the volume of the herb, and the moisture content of the herb.  

For TeeHC Dominant strains:

Decarb:1h 30 min to 4h

* HeeHC Decarb requires higher temperature, hence the cooking time varies greater. For other functions (CeeBD Decarb, Oil, CeeBD Oil) the time variation is not big.

The less herb you decarb, the longer it takes. If you decarb less than 10 grams of TeeHC herb, here is the hack to reduce the total cooking time:

Cover the Glass with the Filter set, push the filter down to 1cm above the herb. By doing so, you can reduce 30 mins to 1h 30min cooking time.

Oil ≈ 2h 30min

For CeeBD dominant strains:

CeeBD Decarb ≈ 2h

CeeBD Oil ≈ 3h

For evaporation:

It depends on the amount of ethanol you put in the glass.

* These cooking times are science-backed to achieve full activation without burning the bio-active compounds.

Max. 250 ml

About the volume of a standard can of beer.

Grind: Max. 25g

Whole: Max. 15g

It depends on:

1. How strong your strain is

2. How much herb you cook

3. How much oil you use

Use our potency calculator.

If you want to make oil very high potency, use evaporation function to make concentrate first, then add the concentrate into oil or butter.

· Avoid oxygen

· Avoid daylight

· Avoid excessive heat

We are developing perfect storage utensils exactly for these purposes, subscribe at the bottom of this page, we will let you know when before the launch.

Any edible oil or butter.

We recommend:

Olive oil for ingestion and cooking

Butter for baking

Coconut oil for skin

*If you prefer other tastes, go ahead and enjoy!


But only infuse in oil, not in water. POT by NOIDS is born for perfect oil infusion. Water would boil in POT and eventually escape in the air.


The Glass is designed with two goals:

1. Detect any tiny change in temperature inside

2. Allow dishwasher to clean it.

Apart from the Glass, you can also put the Filter set, the Lid, and the Pipet in your dishwasher.

You need to know if your herb is CeeBD dominant or TeeHC dominant

POT knows the time, temperature, and what to do with different strains. You just need to know if your strain is CeeBD dominant or not, POT will take are of the rest.


And return will also be taken care of by NOIDS. Buy from our website, you will be treated exactly the same as our EU customers.

Yes, you can.

POT by NOIDS can work on a power supply with a voltage between 110 V - 240 V.

Of course

It is a herb cooker.

It is our job to answer your questions. Please send us an email at or use our contact form.

Or view our user manual for more info.